By  on July 11, 2019

Soccer and navigating a dense crowd in nasty heat — not two of my favorite things. A crowd in the heat because it’s a crowd in the heat. Soccer, because I can’t quite grasp the game, and I’m perplexed by a clock that starts at zero and runs upward to some random number past 90 minutes. I believe in God and a game clock that counts backward to zero.

Yet I really wanted to attend the parade for the U.S. World Cup champion women’s team on Wednesday morning, at this seminal cultural moment for women and girls. In the United States, it’s a moment of awakening and possibility represented so powerfully by the confidence and swagger of this don’t-f-with-us team. It’s also a moment of constant reminders — Jeffrey Epstein — that for women and girls, genuine equality, and not just of pay, is still woeful ahead of us.

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