By  on April 3, 2018

Say it ain’t so, Dries.

As WWD reported last week, Dries Van Noten is shopping his company around. Multiple sources maintain that he has enlisted Vendôme Global Partners to circulate a book on his firm’s operations to potential buyers. Whether Van Noten wants to cash out completely or take on an investor is unclear. One can infer that decades into a brilliant, honorable fashion career dedicated primarily to the creation of chic, elegant clothes that speak with power and respect to his wildly devoted customer base, he wants to secure the company’s future while providing for his own — and maybe enjoying its spoils a bit more than the job currently allows. Along with the career, Van Noten has a personal life, a partner, a beautiful garden. As a fashion journalist, I get it. As a long-employed person who sometimes gets tired of the grind, I get it. As a woman who gets dressed every morning, my knickers are twisted.

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