Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, stars and creators of the Web series-turned-Comedy Central hit “Broad City,” seem slightly in awe of New York Fashion Week. Walking into the zoo of Alice + Olivia’s fall presentation on Monday afternoon, their floundering, marijuana-loving, hilarious alter egos are nowhere to be seen — except when one reaches out to fix the other’s hair or compliment her choice of jewelry. “It’s like, so crazy,” says Glazer, eyeing the crowd and the brocade skirts on display. “But a great way to mentally shop.” Here, WWD speaks with the pair about wearing clothes, writing comedy and “Zoolander.”

WWD: Is this your first fashion show of the week or of your lives?
Abbi Jacobson: Of the life, of the shared life.

WWD: Any first impressions?
Ilana Glazer: This thing [gestures to step-and-repeat] is so weird; we’ve only done it a couple of times for other kinds of events, and I’m always like, what are we doing? It’s such a scary drug that I wouldn’t normally do.

WWD: Do you have any expectations?
I.G.: I’m hoping it’s very “Zoolander”-y. I want it all, like, Mugatu. I really want that. I want Jerry Stiller to be on the runway.
A.J.: I think it’s going to be really fun. Our daily lives are the opposite of this.
I.G.: Also, this winter is so not glamorous feeling; it’s nice to have this little bubble to pretend we’re all woke-up-like-this type of thing.

WWD: Speaking of, you both look great.
I.G.: This was the first thing I tried on, actually. I have this white power suit that I wear on the show, and this is like a different version. I’m just pretending not to be cold. And it’s cool to push ourselves outside of our boundaries a little bit, it’s been fun.
A.J.: Until I put this on, I was like, I don’t know if that’s something I would wear. But then I had it on and felt very vintage but also modern. And I just loved it with the white, and then I found out [Ilana] was wearing white, too. Sometimes we’ll have similar styles, but other times we’ll yin and yang off each other.
I.G.: Yeah, we’re yinning and yanging all over the place.

WWD: Does fashion matter to your characters on “Broad City”?
I.G.: Sometimes it totally informs a joke. A whole episode could be about how you chose to wear the wrong thing. We’ve talked about heels informing jokes because they’re so horrible to wear.
A.J.: I tend to think about, like, what did I wear when I was 23? We wear a lot of our old clothes [on the show], and it feels more real when it’s something I bought back then that’s now so over.

WWD: Could today be material for an upcoming episode?
A.J.: You know, I was just thinking about that, because we’re about to start writing the third season and this month is about getting some new material, so, you never know. I can’t really imagine…maybe we would be, like, collecting coats. Maybe the cleanup crew, after everyone left.
I.G.: It would have to be coat check or catering.

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