NEW YORK — Cache is taking its advertising act back to Grand Central Terminal in March, but the fashion brand is playing it differently this time: An appeal to the attitude and lifestyle of a sexy, modern woman in her mid- to late-30s.

Messages slated to appear in approximately 88 ads throughout Grand Central beginning March 1 will speak to the mind-set of the Generation X customer Cache envisions as its target, in a playful, provocative manner. They include such cheeky couplets as: “You are a mentor. You are a bad influence.”; “You are a mind game. You are an open book.”; and “You are a comedienne. You are a femme fatale.”

Models in the ads destined for Grand Central, photographed by Dewey Nicks, portray various aspects of a woman’s life. For example, the phrase “You are a mentor” is paired with a photo of two women crossing a busy city street, bearing gleeful expressions and Cache shopping bags. And its accompanying phrase “You are a bad influence” is paired with a portrait of a man and woman embracing, and another of a closeup of the woman’s dreamy expression.

The lifestyle portrayals, snappy phrases and multiple models in the ads to appear in Grand Central are being photographed by Nicks in outdoor locations in New York, Miami and Los Angeles, in contrast to the studio shots of a single model that dotted the terminal during Cache’s campaigns there in November 2004 and April 2002.

Approximately 700,000 people pass through Grand Central Terminal daily, a figure that has grown from about 500,000 since the restoration of the complex was completed in 1998, according to a Metro North spokesman.

The ads in Grand Central are one part of a campaign whose media buy is in the range of several million dollars.  The campaign also comprises ads on bus tails, slated to hit the streets March 1; print ads in the April editions of Vogue and People, scheduled to break in mid-March, and a direct-mail program throughout the year including nine catalogues, four self-mailers and several postcards to be mailed to approximately seven million people. Cache has 253 stores around the country.

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The goal of the campaign is to illuminate different facets of Cache’s target customer in ads that highlight the different roles she plays and personalities she expresses day to day, observed Niko Courtelis, deputy creative director at Cossette Post, creator of the Cache campaign.

Asked why the Cache brand is returning to Grand Central Terminal with more than 80 ads for the third time in four years, Frank Sampogna, managing partner at Cossette Post, said, “We know influencers and trendsetters pass through [Grand Central] as do the media and Wall Street, so [we think] we can make a statement.”