What will Calvin Klein do next in its “I ___ in #mycalvins” spring campaign?

The brand has been flashing different imagery from the campaign around 26 different global markets, but its newest ad has hit some people as a little too cheeky. Released on the brand’s Instagram account, the photo under fire features Danish actress Klara Kristin from an up-the-dress angle, paired with the tagline “I flash in #mycalvins.” The image was shot by Harley Weir.

The post currently has 44,800 likes on the brand’s Instagram account and nearly 1,800 comments from users both blasting and defending the image. “This is selling sex right? Oh, it’s selling a product? I wouldn’t have known. I couldn’t find any products amid this absolute distasteful ad. #notbuyingit,” writes one user, while another said, “Very creative and beautifully executed. Keep it up!”

Calvin Klein spokesmen could not immediately be reached for comment.

Kristin was also included on a Calvin Klein billboard in SoHo in Manhattan that stirred up controversy in March. The advertisement showed an image of her (“I seduce in #mycalvins”) juxtaposed next to an image of male singer Fetty Wap (“I make money in #mycalvins.”) Critics blasted the billboard for perpetuating sexist gender stereotypes, and lingerie company ThirdLove began an online petition calling for Calvin Klein to take it down. (It was later swapped out, although as part of a preplanned rotation and not in response to the petition.)

Like Fetty Wap, Kristin also ostentatiously makes money in her Calvins — after all, this is a major corporate ad campaign with major dollars attached. The more people who take a peek, the better.

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