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In its quest to support young talent in London, the Centre for Fashion Enterprise, a business incubator tied to London College of Fashion, is partnering with Second Home to give 25 fashion tech businesses a boost in London’s East End.

Second Home is a social business organization that supports talent in creative cities around the world, providing workspaces and venues for industry talent that is just starting out.

Second Home will provide studio space to young creatives and aim to nurture a community of design practices.

The two partners will give 25 fashtech businesses affiliated with CFE flexible access to collaborative workspaces alongside services and support. The businesses will get three-month memberships to Second Home’s London Fields workspace as of Feb. 18.

“Together we can help build the next generation of British fashion success stories — and give more budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to make it big,” said general manager of Second Home Dan Roper.

The CFE operates as part of the London College of Fashion’s Business and Innovation department, offering a range of support programs for brands to bridge the gap between business and creative expression.

Judith Tolley, head of CFE, said the organization, “believes in the power of community and creating supportive ecosystems with wellbeing at their heart. Successful collaboration requires a cooperative spirit and mutual respect, this has all the right ingredients for success.”

Last month the CFE hosted a panel with London designers Charles Jeffrey and Molly Goddard, who both talked about the studio space, business and creative support the CFE has offered them.

“You have to pay crazy amounts of money for education and it puts an incredible amount of pressure on people,” Jeffrey said. “The CFE offers you a place to just breathe and get your things sorted. Then you can just be yourself creatively and that is just so important.”

Goddard, who has taken part in CFE mentoring programs, said that “people come to our studios and actually sit down and do a proper cash flow, and go through our figures and arrange them, it is just very practical.”

Providing a made-to-measure business strategy is at the core of the CFE platform, according to Judith Tolley, head of the CFE. “We’re helping creative design their businesses, it’s the grit behind the glamour.”

The CFE plans to relocate to Stratford, becoming part of the Fashion District and under the extension of mayor Sadiq Khan’s East Bank Project, which aims to create a powerhouse of culture, education, innovation and growth.

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