NEW YORK — Fashion journalist Christa Worthington, 46, was found dead in her Cape Cod home on Sunday afternoon. The Massachusetts State Police on Monday ruled the death a homicide, according to Sergeant James Plath.

Her 2 1/2-year-old daughter, Eva, was found unharmed at the Truro, Mass., house and is now being cared for by a family member, Plath said. According to press reports, there were signs that the back door of the house had been forced open.

“At this point, almost 24 hours later, we’re still in the residence processing the crime scene,” said Plath, noting the murder was the first in Truro in over 30 years.

Worthington spent the early years of her career at WWD, first in New York and later in Paris, where she served as acting bureau chief during the Eighties. After leaving WWD, she went on to a career as a freelance writer in New York and Europe, contributing to publications including the New York Times, The Independent of London, the Los Angeles Times, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar.

She also contributed to the series of “Chic Simple” books.

Since the birth of her daughter, she had put her work on hold, living in Cape Cod and focusing on child raising, according to Ben Brantley, a former colleague at WWD and now theater critic at the New York Times, who said he had known her for two decades.

“Christa had a very lyrical world view. She lived a rather dramatic life,” he said. He recalled that in Paris, Worthington had bought an Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo with a skirt that she promptly spilled something on and then lost after leaving it in the back of a limousine.

“She never saw it again,” he said. “She regarded it with great wistfulness, but also saw the irony.”

She also covered a range of offbeat subjects, writing stories on book collecting and explaining the U.S. Court TV phenomenon to the British during the O.J. Simpson saga of 1995.

Worthington had no siblings and was not married, but is survived by her father.