NEW YORK — The variety that can be achieved in circular knits was emphasized at a Monsanto Co. fashion show previewing trends for this fall as well as for next year.

Fabrics from U.S. knitters in casual and dressy looks were designed for the show by Dhun Shroff, designer consultant to Monsanto. The knits featured Monsanto’s Acrilan acrylic fiber used alone and in blends with polyester, rayon, Lycra spandex and metallics.

Singleknits, doubleknits, jacquards, interlocks and fleeces all emerged on the runway, showing 100 pieces in 42 ensembles. The show was staged earlier this month at the Fashion Institute of Technology for apparel manufacturers, designers and retailers.

Phil Shroff, Monsanto consultant and Dhun’s husband, and Joseph Janowitch, Monsanto’s knitwear manager, said the event demonstrated the drape, soft hand and vibrant color that can be achieved with the acrylic fiber. These qualities, Janowitch said, offer designer-fashion potential, along with the easy care associated with the fiber, which is machine washable and dryable.

The silhouettes mixed proportions — short over long, short with short and long over short. A key idea was a long gold, black and gray block-pattern Acrilan and polyester doubleknit vest, with a gray pleated midriff top and long skirt made with a crinkle Acrilan and Lycra jersey from Paul Gottleib & Co.

For a short look, a fringed, brushed short cardigan was paired with a short sarong skirt in Andrex Industries’ ethnic-motif Acrilan and polyester doubleknit.

Other doubleknit designs, like outerwear, were featured in a nontraditional way in a jacquard stripe doubleknit fake-fur-lined coat and matching leggings in Acrilan and polyester fabric from Knitmania.

The knit fabrics, which are commercially available, were also from Armtex, Channel, Crames-Tex, Dome, Dyersburg, Fab Industries, Komar Knits and Windjammer Knits.

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