Due to space restrictions, certain comments by an executive of Bonjour regarding Wal-Mart and Kmart in WWD’s Aug. 24 Denim Report, “Joining Forces,” were abridged and, as a result, taken out of context.

In a panel discussion sponsored by the Marketing Advisory Council, Ross Klein, vice president of marketing for Bonjour, was asked whether his company would apply the same marketing programs for Wal-Mart as it does for Kmart.

In his full response, Klein stated that all Bonjour’s retailers would be treated with the same level of prestige marketing concepts, while the programs themselves would be different in nature. “We custom tailor our programs to the unique needs and corporate goals of our vendor partners. This enables us to speak to the consumer and sales staff in a singular voice.”

He added, “While some retailers prefer promotionally oriented programs, Bonjour’s marketing efforts with Wal-Mart focus on in-store strategies such as community and public service and also include staff training, plan-o-grams, and POPs designed to promote Bonjour fashion, style, and quality in concert with value and price, price, price.”