NEW YORK — Rumors were rampant Tuesday about all kinds of changes at Conde Nast Publications but, in fact, the company only announced one: Alexandra Penney, editor-in-chief of Self since 1989, has been bumped upstairs to a corporate post — director of media development.


Although Conde Nast president Steven Florio refused to comment on Penney’s successor, it was widely rumored that Ellen Levine, currently editor-in-chief of Hearst Corp.’s Redbook, would be moving into the post. Levine was unavailable for comment. Other candidates could include Kate White, editor-in-chief of McCall’s, and Jacqueline Leo, editorial director of The New York Times Co.Women’s Magazines. White and Leo couldn’t be reached either.

“Conde Nast always shoots high,” was all Florio would say when asked about the successor,
whom he said would be named in two days.

As for all the other rumors swirling around Conde Nast, Florio dismissed them as nonsense, particularly suggestions that Anna Wintour was leaving Vogue. “I swear on my children Anna Wintour is revered and celebrated as the best editor in the world and will be at Vogue as long as I have anything to do with it,” he declared. Florio also denied reports that Self would merge with Mademoiselle or that Linda Wells of Allure would soon move over to Vogue.

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