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NEW YORK — While much of the industry readies for resort, furriers are presenting their fall collections. After last year’s fabulous, highly editorial, rich-hippie collection, Dennis Basso opted for a more dressed-up, obviously glamorous look, one probably more in keeping with what most of his clients expect. Basso kept his looks tailored and heavily embellished — beading, feathering, cinching and mixing his mostly black or brown furs. Though there were some hits — an ivory broadtail wrap, edged in tulle; some charming embroidered boleros, and a delightfully demonstrative lace-trimmed lynx — much of the collection looked overworked and overwrought. After all, knowing when to stop is crucial to the design process.

In contrast to Basso’s extravagance, Michael Kors played it safe, though still chic. While sportswear is dear to Kors’ all-American heart, he seduced the more extravagant and sophisticated gals with an ankle-grazing Russian sable coat, and another in lippe cat with a bold mink border and fox cuffs. But Kors seemed most comfortable when cozying up with his little sheared mink swing jackets or rib-edged baseball looks. And just for fun, he tossed in a cuddly white Mongolian lamb cocoon.