MILAN — Tiffany, Harry Winston, Cartier, Brad Pitt?

Silvia Damiani, vice president and image director of Casa Damiani, the Italian high-end jewelry firm, apparently jumped the gun when she began giving interviews Friday about the deal the firm had forged with Pitt that calls for him to design an exclusive jewelry collection for Damiani.

According to sources, Pitt’s camp was surprised that Damiani began talking to the press about the Pitt collection since she wasn’t supposed to say anything about it yet. However, it was learned that it is their intention to do a collection together. A spokesman for Pitt couldn’t be reached for comment.

The partnership would be an ironic twist of events considering last year Pitt and his wife, Jennifer Aniston, sued Casa Damiani over commercializing their white gold and diamond wedding bands, which Damiani had produced.

“[The lawsuit] arose from an unfortunate misunderstanding and now that the legal proceedings were resolved in a friendly manner, we are carrying through a project that was in the talks before the unpleasant happening,” said Damiani, in an interview Friday.

Damiani and Pitt met in October to finalize the jewelry deal, and the two are expected to put their heads together to iron out details in the coming months.

“It’s a professional pleasure and a personal privilege to collaborate with such an outstanding talent,” said Damiani, who hopes that the new collection will bow during the second half of this year in select Damiani shops worldwide.

“Pitt has always been incredibly interested in design in general, but he has a real passion for jewelry in the way of techniques, shapes and craftsmanship. He favors clean, elegant and sober shapes,” said Damiani. “He will bring a very special perspective to the collection he’s designing and will enhance the company’s image on an international basis.”

The natural crowning of the project is that Aniston is planning to pose for the ad campaigns that will run in a number of countries worldwide, with the exception of North America.

The undertaking is the evolution of a relationship started at the end of 1998, when Pitt spotted Bluemoon, a pair of diamond-encrusted earrings for which Silvia Damiani won the Diamonds International Award. Their relationship culminated in Pitt and Damiani co-designing Aniston’s engagement ring, and a year-and-a-half later, the couple’s wedding bands.