DeBeers is adding another facet to its strategy.

At an intimate gathering today at Alain Ducasse’s Adour, the diamond jewelry company launched a collection of 12 one-of-a-kind pieces, dubbed The Valley of Diamonds. The collection, designed by creative director Raphaele Canot, takes inspiration from the myth of a mysterious Indian Valley that is studded with diamonds, celestial flowers and a Mahua tree that grows magical fruit —but guarded by walls of fire, birds of prey and poisonous snakes, including a king cobra.

The collection, which includes polished and uncut rough white and fancy colored diamonds in styles like the Follow Me ring, which sells for $30,000, and the Flames of Grace drop earrings that go for $40,000. The highest price in the collection is the King Cobra pendant at $200,000.

The collection will travel starting at the end of the month to De Beers stores in Tokyo, which opens at the end of this month; New York; Los Angeles, and London. Despite the woes of the global economy, chief executive officer Guy Leymarie anticipates the collection will be sold out by the time it reaches London.

“The demands is so high for large diamonds right now,” he said. “A diamond above 10 carats is an appreciable investment…if you want to get rich, buy diamonds.”