MILAN — Tod’s chairman Diego Della Valle expressed surprise at the recent developments of the Greek crisis during a conference here on Wednesday.

“It’s disconcerting what is happening with Greece. There are politicians that talk and talk but don’t count at all,” said Della Valle, known for his outspoken ways.

Asked by the moderator if he was referring to Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Della Valle first said he was speaking “in general,” but added that they were “friends” and that Renzi had “to change gears. He has fallen hands and feet  [head on] in the puddles of the old politics and we don’t want this.”

Della Valle continued saying the general idea had been that the euro currency would have helped “amortize” issues within Europe.

However, he lamented the fact that the stock exchanges “collapse every other day,” and that there are “no precise guidelines, decisions are made at 3 o’clock in the morning, half an hour before the deadlines. This European Union does not let us sleep tight.”

On the sidelines of the conference, the entrepreneur said he did “not want to be polemic,” but observed that this is “the expression of a government that is at its end. We see the same old rites from the past, petty and sneaky behavior, and it is not doing what it had set out to do. We need facts.”

Della Valle touched on the subject of his “Noi Italiani” (or “We Italians”) association, which will be officially presented in September, noting that it is not a political party and that it will allow other entrepreneurs to initiate “solidarity projects.”

Asked about the performance of Tod’s in the first half of the year, Della Valle said it had been a good semester and, in particular, that in the past three months the company was “reaping the rewards of the work done.”

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