Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Dr. Hauschka is hoping U.S. consumers turn to its brand to treat more than their daily skin care needs this year. The holistic beauty company is broadening its product offering to include homeopathic internal and topical remedies, treating everything from colds and sore throats to cramps and bruises.

Although the company will introduce only eight holistic home remedies to the U.S. market, more than 1,000 Dr. Hauschka remedies have been available in Europe even before the brand branched out into skin care.

Owned and manufactured by WALA Heilmittel of Eckwalden, Germany, Dr. Hauschka entered the U.S. market in 1972, with its skin care, color cosmetics and bath and body products made from biodynamic and organic plants. Now the skin care brand with 127 stockkeeping units has gained a cult following and is sold in 1,200 doors, including beauty boutiques, health food stores, spas and specialty stores. Roughly 140 Sephora locations and 180 Whole Food stores also carry the brand, in addition to support from a network of independent aestheticians. The company is also working to open its own freestanding stores in the near future.

“Our products are the highest standard for ‘eco-green’ and are environmentally friendly, formulated with a therapeutic model in mind to stimulate the skin’s own healing capacity,” said Mirran Raphaely, who recently succeeded Clifford Kurz as Dr. Hauschka’s new chief executive officer. Appointed ceo in July, Raphaely has been with the company for about 11 years, holding a variety of positions, including chief marketing and sales officer.

According to Raphaely, Dr. Hauschka’s U.S. sales have experienced double-digit percentage growth each year for a decade. Industry sources estimate the company will generate between $35 million and $40 million in U.S. retail sales by the end of the year.

In September, Dr. Hauschka will launch eight internal and topical remedies. Internal remedies include Agropyron Cold Relief for headaches and pressure caused by colds or sinusitis; Nicotiana Cramp Relief for menstrual cramps, abdominal cramps and cramping associated with intestinal gas; and Borage Varicose Vein Relief for pain and swelling due to varicose veins or hemorrhoids. The topical remedies include Ouch Aid Arnica Compress, which treats pain and swelling associated with sprains, strains, bruises and muscular discomfort; Mercurialis Wound Rescue, an antiinflammatory ointment that heals and cleans minor cuts, and Calendula Wound Cleanser, which acts as a first aid to protect wounds from infection and inflammation.

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“The internal and topical remedies address two levels of healing. They stimulate the body to heal itself without suppressing systems, and they address the root cause,” said Raphaely. “These remedies are adjunct to our skin care and a first aid option. They can be selected for all healing needs.”

Starting at about $15 per package, the remedies will be sold online this fall through the company’s e-commerce site, which launched in the summer. The remedies will also be featured in a direct-mail consumer catalogue, a new branding tool designed to broaden the company’s consumer base. Set to begin in April with two issues a year, the catalogue will introduce consumers to the brand by describing the firm’s products and holistic pharmaceutical approach.

Dr. Hauschka will also introduce a limited-edition 40th anniversary kit to commemorate the company milestone. The three-item kit includes some of the company’s best-selling products — cleansing cream, facial toner and rose day cream. Available in the company’s original packaging, the set will retail for $59.95 and will be sold in Sephora and at drhauschka.com.

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