Amber Valletta in Stella McCartney's fall campaign with text by Ed Ruscha.

On Thursday Stella McCartney posted a #tbt clip from Sundance TV’s “Iconoclasts” series on Instagram of her and artist Ed Ruscha walking through his studio. “We should do a project together too one day,” she says to Ruscha. “Wouldn’t that be fun?” he replied. “I’m being serious,” she answered.

True to her word, McCartney enlisted Ruscha to collaborate on her fall campaign. Best known for incorporating words or phrases in his paintings, Ruscha gave his signature treatment to McCartney’s ads, photographed in London by Harley Weir, and featuring Amber Valletta. Ruscha’s text, superimposed over images of Valletta posing in McCartney’s fall collection, are a statement on McCartney’s core philosophies: a sense of play and commitment to vegetarianism and cruelty-free fashion. The phrases include “No leathers feathers or fur,” “Veg out” and “Meat free.” The campaign will be hashtagged with #StellaCares.

“I am so overwhelmed to have Ed’s magic genius stroke layered onto and into the images, it feels so right and also stands for something in fashion,” said McCartney. “The gentle statements remind us all that we can be responsible and mindful in fashion too.”

The campaign is a culmination of Stella synergies. McCartney and Ruscha have a longtime personal relationship. Meanwhile, Valletta, who is an active advocate of ethical fashion, appeared in McCartney’s 2008 campaign. In addition to the photos, McCartney worked with her brother-in-law, filmmaker Simon Aboud, on a mockumentary called “This Film May Contain Gluten,” which features behind-the-scenes footage of Valletta, McCartney and a cameo by British singer Jess Glynne. The film will go live on and McCartney’s social media channels on July 26.

“In the film I wanted to also keep a lightness, not taking fashion too seriously, allowing us to enjoy it every single day,” said McCartney. “We all live surrounded by so much information and I wanted to take the stereotypes in fashion and make fun of myself and this industry…If we can’t laugh at ourselves in life we are lost! In a last-minute moment of madness, we had Jess Glynne walking in with a goat…that girl is game and just cool.”

The campaign will break in the September issues of titles including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, W, Elle, V and Interview in the U.S. as well as other international titles in the U.K., France, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, Russia, Japan and China.