Jean-Paul Gaultier will Concorde to New York for Monday’s U.S. opening of Pedro Almodovar’s “Kika,” for which he designed the critically acclaimed costumes. It seems Gaultier is enjoying his role as costumer and has just about completed the clothes for another movie, “CitÄ des Enfants Perdus” (“The City of Lost Children”), which stars Ron Pearlman and began shooting this month. It’s the latest from Marc Carot and Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the directors of “Delicatessen,” and Gaultier’s been telling friends that he’s created outfits with a bizarre Gothic look.

The Duchess of York showed both her charm and her temper Wednesday in Washington starting with a morning visit to 30 sick children at the National Institutes of Health’s Children’s Inn in Bethesda, Md.

“Where’s your princess dress?” asked one child.

“You want to see the big dress and the crown like Cinderella?” asked Fergie, who was wearing a Tomasz Starzewski navy blue shirt dress. “I know. Well, I left my magic wand at home because it was too hot.” “Why didn’t you bring the Prince?” someone asked.

“Because he’s on his ship,” Fergie replied.

She even sparked a little competition when she admired one little girl’s pink sneakers. “What do you think of mine?” asked another. After having to share Fergie’s attention, the first little girl cracked: “I don’t like princesses. They’re monsters.” But Fergie quickly charmed her.

Later, at a luncheon hosted by designer Susan McCone, Fergie wasn’t quite so patient with an over-efficient waiter. She had just started to tell some 20 luncheon guests, including Debby Dingle, Victoria Kennedy and Sally Quinn, about her favorite cause, Children in Crisis, when the waiter started clearing the tables. It seemed that every time Fergie got ready to make a poignant point, a dish clattered. Finally, the Duchess said to him, “You can clear and I’ll wait until you’re done, or I can go on talking.”

The waiter quickly retreated out the service door.

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