The good news from Gstaad, by way of Park Avenue, is that Nan Kempner is back in the saddle — not to mention svelter than ever. Kempner, who’d been stuck in a Swiss hospital with a serious case of double-lung pneumonia, turned up at a dinner hosted by Rena Sindi last week at Daniel looking great and wearing a black Yves Saint Laurent couture jacket (“Yves just sent it to me,” she explained) and a serious original Schlumberger brooch that her husband, Tommy Kempner, just bought her for their 50th anniversary. “The whole experience really gave me a jolt,” Kempner said of her illness. “I’ll never smoke another cigarette again.” Kempner lost so much weight in hospital that she seems to be eating with a vengeance: She inhaled her squab with lightning speed and began to steal off the plates of her neighbors, until Jeffrey Bilhuber hurled a piece of bread into her lap from across the table.

60 Thompson St., housed in one of the tallest buildings in SoHo, is set to open a members-only rooftop bar in May along the lines of L.A.’s Sky Bar. 60 Thompson’s bar will be open to hotel guests and about “200 friends,” according to co-owner Jason Pomeranc. And while it doesn’t have a name yet, it may already have its own drink. “The house drink is called 60 Below, so we’re thinking about 60 Above,” Pomeranc said.

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