Oscar flash for designers: Gwyneth Paltrow is going to the Oscars. The Academy has just named her a presenter, which means there’s another fashionista to add to the list of most desirable: Nicole, Renee, Halle and J.Lo. It will be interesting to see what Gwyneth chooses for her third sashay down the red carpet. For her first trip, she went princess in a pink Ralph Lauren gown, and for her second, she went minimalist in a Calvin Klein dress.

GRAMMY GET-UPS: There may be hope for fashion-challenged pop stars after all. Alicia Keys, who’s predicted to sweep at tonight’s Grammy awards, will be wearing Roberto Cavalli, as will ‘NSYNC. R&B up-and-comer Claudette will wear a lilac Oscar de la Renta gown, and India.Arie and Gwen Stefani are said to be wearing Missoni.

Tonight’s presenters and performers will be finding a pair of DKNY Jeans in their gift baskets. But they’re not just freebies pulled from the warehouse. The company customized almost half the 90 pairs of jeans it’s giving away to suit the personal style of the wearers — white lace for Britney Spears and embroidered flowers for Destiny’s Child. They also customized jeans for Janet Jackson and Eve.

“For the men, we don’t do much,” admitted a spokeswoman for the denim source. While ‘NSYNC’s jeans will be monogrammed, for instance, U2’s will be strictly off the rack. “They may dress up on stage,” she said of the Irish rockers, “but when they’re going to hang out in the pub, they’re going to wear regular jeans.”

BED TIME: Even for the amorous French, the question “Voulez-vous couchez avec moi ce soir?” usually follows dessert. But now it’s the new invitation to dine. Hip Parisians, who hate to get caught dozing through a trend, have found their newest — and perhaps strangest — obsession yet. It’s called le dorming, and it means, basically, eating in bed. (The phrase is a takeoff on last year’s trends, le fooding and le lounging, both of which have their etymological roots in le nightclubbing.) Flashy Paris restaurants, including Cabaret, Tangia and Pink Platinum, have all installed “bedroom spaces” — private nooks for horizontal eating, where guests get to stretch full-length on low beds, broad banquettes and plush poofs. In the press, interpretations of this mania run the gamut from the psychoanalytical — “this is nothing less than a return to the oral phase,” one shrink was quoted as saying — to the pragmatic: When you’re drunk, you don’t have far to fall.

ARMANI MOVES TO LONDON: Giorgio Armani is taking his show on the road — his Guggenheim retrospective, that is — and the next stop is London’s Royal Academy. The exhibition, an updated version of the one shown in New York and Bilbao last year, will be unveiled in September and will run until January 2003. It will be presented by the Royal Academy and the Guggenheim, and be designed by Robert Wilson. Meanwhile, the Victoria and Albert Museum is planning a Gianni Versace retrospective that will feature more than 150 outfits mounted on mannequins designed by Versace. The exhibition, which runs from Oct. 17 through Jan. 12, will also feature Versace’s designs for textiles, accessories and stage costumes.

A BADA BING IS BORN: James Gandolfini, Edie Falco and Pamela Anderson will trade the red carpet for the red light district on March 19 when they inaugurate London’s first Bada Bing! gentleman’s club, named after the notorious Sopranos hangout. A spokesman for the West End club said Anderson would lap dance for party guests but wear more modest attire than the average performer. He added that the new Bada Bing! would be a “glamorous club,” and classier than its namesake. Not a particularly difficult feat.

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