Fashion week began two days early as hordes of starlets and models descended upon the Tribeca Grand and the Gramercy Park Hotel for the Cinema Society and Calvin Klein’s screening and afterparty for “Factory Girl.”

“Making this movie was so much fun,” boomed Meredith Ostrom, who played Nico Icon. “I just got distant, bored and detached.” Sienna Miller, the star of the film, said she really missed dressing like Edie Sedgwick. “I could wear black tights all the time,” she said, during a rare moment when the paparazzi were in retreat.

“We went over to say hi to her, and it was just impossible because of the photographers” laughed Renee Rockefeller, who was hanging out with Jennifer Creel and Marina Rust.

Also in attendance were Sharon Stone, Dominick Dunne, Milla Jovovich, and Guy Pearce, who plays a very shallow version of Andy Warhol in the film.

This depiction was not exactly out of line with Dunne’s recollection of Warhol.

“He was superficial and he did not say much,” recalled Dunne. Stone had a similar memory of the artist, whom she met once or twice in the Eighties. “He was just very aloof,” she said.

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