It was a lesson in 21st-century family affairs on Monday night when the Cinema Society feted “Flawless” – starring Michael Caine and Demi Moore – at the penthouse of the Soho Grand Hotel. The film’s leading lady was on hand, as were various members of her brood: daughter Tallulah Willis (youngest of the Moore/Willis pack), ex-hubby Bruce Willis and, perhaps the most unconventionally, Bruce’s current inamorata Emma Heming, a model-cum-actress whose resume includes a bit part in “Entourage.” The foursome gamely posed for photographers, and according to Moore’s friend Donna Karan, it was no dog-and-pony show: “They’re going to go out together after this.” (Karan, on the other hand, was planning to call it a night after the party.)

Still, it seemed, some attendees were bogged down by more traditional family woes. “You try telling your Jewish mother you are moving to New York,” lamented an L.A.-based Pauly Shore, who was in town to promote a straight-to-DVD-flick, of his desire to relocate to the East Coast.