NEW YORK — Based on a strong reception for a group of four New York eveningwear and special occasion firms at Igedo last month, Fashion Exports/New York will take another group to the next edition of the big Dusseldorf trade show, Sept. 11-13.

“It was a big success,” said Leah Kaplan, director of Fashion Exports/New York, which was founded by the Garment Industry Development Corp. and the Council for American Fashion to introduce more New York fashion around the world.

Kaplan said FENY has received another $50,000 grant from New York State’s Global Export Market Service to help pay for participation at the show.

Cattiva and Joelle Bridals — two of the four participating firms — each did about $100,000 at the show. The other two, Bari Jay and Scarlett Nite, combined for more than $20,000 in sales.

While all four had done some business in Germany prior to Igedo, all reported they boosted their visibility abroad by showing in Dusseldorf. Cattiva, for example, signed with a representative in Germany who will be selling its products in northern Europe.

Holly Thorner, vice president of Scarlett Nite, said, “This was definitely an education for us. And we picked up nine more accounts.” She added that there is a potential for picking up about $200,000 from the show.

“The amount of sales that we did was really incidental to the ties that we developed,” said Arnold Shapiro, part owner of Joelle Bridals. “We are now in negotiations with a representative to help sell our product in Germany. There is definitely a lot of potential over there.”

Kaplan noted Fashion Exports/New York plans to take the same four firms to Mexico in March 1995.

“We want to target other areas of opportunities,” she noted.

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