NEW YORK — Fashion Group International has completed nominations for its 11th Rising Star Awards on Jan. 24.

The annual event recognizes emerging talents in women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, retail, accessories, fine jewelry, beauty and interior design.

This year’s women’s rtw nominees are: Tia Cibani for Ports 1961; Josh Goot; Jason Wu; Gustavo Cadile; Alexander Wang; Christian Cota; Phillipe and David Blond for The Blonds, and Joshua Robert Hupper and Miyako Nakamura for Adept. In men’s wear, the nominees are: Brian Wood; Carlos Campos; Hisham Oumlil for Oumlil, and Alex Wilcox and Betty Wilcox for Lord Willy’s.

Retail finalists are: Charles Nolan for Charles Nolan Apparel; Kate Leydon for Ruby Room; Hicham Benmira and Brian Cousins for Hollander & Lexer, and Susan Spiranovich for Te Casan. In the accessories category, nominees are: Stephanie Waddell for Agnes Hoss; Jocelyn Gordon for Jocelyn; Kara Ross; Tom Scott, and Osnat Gad for Ocie Minaudière.

Fashion Group’s fine jewelry nominees are: Rebecca Straus for Becca Straus Jewelry; Donna Vock for ProVocative Gems; Christine J. Brandt, and Kimberly McDonald for Rockras by Kimberly McDonald.

In beauty, the fragrance corporate nominees are: Meryl Truffelman of Estée Lauder Cosmetics; Bruno Jovanovic of International Flavors & Fragrances; Natasha Côté of Givaudan Fragrances, and Pamelia Lall of Avon’s Mark division. The fragrance entrepreneur nominees are: Francesco Clark of Clark’s Botanicals; Jodi Drexler-Billet of Desert Essence; Thibaud Perrin of Smiley; Shizuka Bernstein of Shizuka New York, and Janet League-Katzin of Sphatika International LLC.

In the home and interior design category, finalists are: Amy Lau for Amy Lau Design; Gilles-Fleur Boutry for Clodagh Design; Therese Virserius for Therese Virserius Design, and Marci Zaroff for Under the Canopy.

The awards will be presented during a luncheon at the Rainbow Room. The presenters include Holly Dunlap, Donna Kalajian Lagani, Eugenia Ulasewicz, Michael Bastian, Temple St. Clair and Eric Villency. Charles Nolan will host a cocktail party in honor of the nominees on Jan. 15.

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