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From Golden Age icons to today’s boldfaced names, who do Hollywood’s newcomers consider the epitome of chic?

Mandy Moore, 20: “Kate Moss. I mean, who doesn’t look up to Kate Moss?”

Rachel Bilson, 23, summer on “the O.C.”: “Edie Sedgwick. She invented her own style. I love that she was a true individual and was really creative with her outfits.”

Kristen Bell, 24, actress: “Sarah Jessica Parker is the ultimate for me. She is the perfect amount of classy and sexy and vintage and funky — and everything.”

Eva Mendes, 30, star of “hitch”: “Monica Vitti. She was extraordinary. She had so much strength — but could be soft and feminine at the same time. She was all about Uber-style, and I like that.”

Lake Bell, 25, Sally on “Boston Legal”: “Charlotte Rampling. I think she’s such a fine-looking woman that no matter what she put on, she was just very simple and what I idealize in terms of fashion.”

Ashlee Simpson, 20, star of “Wannabe”: “Chrissie Hynde is my style icon. Her style is just amazing. It’s sexy, but, at the same time, she has a rough side to her, which is really amazing and hot.”

Beverly Mitchell, 24 Lucy on “Seventh Heaven.”: “Grace Kelly — classy and lovely.”

Milla Jovovich, 29: “There are a lot of women at the turn of the century who I really admire — Mata Hari or Kiki of Paris.”

Andrea Bowen, 14, Julie on “Desperate Housewives”: “All of the women on ‘Desperate Housewives’ have great style. For legends, Marilyn Monroe, obviously, and Audrey Hepburn.”

This story first appeared in the February 22, 2005 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.