PAPPARAZZI AND PEPPERS: Naomi Campbell may have triumphed over her anger problems but her diva roots run deep. Backstage at the Anna Sui show, Campbell, who flew in from London after appearing in court the day before, snapped at a photographer who tried to take her picture pre-makeup. “I don’t want to be photographed,” Campbell informed her haughtily. Later, in full makeup, Campbell posed sweetly.

Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers reaped his share of adoration backstage as well. “You’ve been my idol since the sixth grade,” one worshiping fan told him. “You got me through high school,” cried another. Kiedis gave them both big hugs.

After the show, Sui celebrated the launch of her new fragrance, Sui Love, with one of the most impressive gatherings of the week. Brandon Boyd and Mike Einziger both of Incubus, Steven Klein, Sofia Coppola, Zoe Cassavetes, Vincent Gallo, Pat McGrath and Jackie Coppola Getty all packed into the pink-lit Cellar Bar at the Bryant Park Hotel. Nearly every model in Sui’s show also came — except Naomi. Carolyn Murphy, Erin O’Connor, Karen Elson, Omhayra, Audrey Marnay and Trish Goff all sipped pink cocktails amidst the tables strewn with bottles of perfume.

Boyd laughed off the rumors that he was dating Calvin Klein’s new face, Jessica Miller. “Huh? I met her once at a New Year’s party,” said the lead singer, who was joking about his appearance on Thursday co-hosting MTV’s “TRL” with an unlikely companion, Britney Spears. “We’re really going to stick it to her,” he laughed.

Meanwhile, model Liberty Ross discussed her latest gig — guest editing an upcoming issue of British Vogue. “I’m working on a shoot with Nick Knight and the concept I’m going for is the sexuality of flowers,” she said. Pick up the May issue to check out the results.

21-GUN SALUTE: It may be a patriotic moment, but it’s not necessarily an understated one. At 9:30 Wednesday night, a long limousine painted in the Stars and Stripes rolled up to the door of Studio 54, and out came Paris Hilton — in a tiara and a fluttering blue chiffon backless (and almost frontless) dress — along with her entourage. The occasion, of course, was her 21st birthday party. “I celebrated my own 21st birthday years ago at the original 54,” explained her mother, Kathy Hilton. In an alcove, socialites Helen Schifter, Muffie Potter Aston, Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos and Somers White discussed the dress code. “The invitation said funky, but I think that means something entirely different in L.A.,” said Aston, who, like her girlfriends, was wearing all-black while Mrs. Hilton swirled around in layers of gauzy flowers. An hour later, the crowd gathered around for a slide show of great moments in Paris’s life, but not everyone made it ’til the end. “Wow. There are a lot of pictures of Paris out there,” said one guest before slipping out.

ARTS & CRAFTS: Shiva Rose McDermott was at Matthew Williamson Wednesday night, sitting front-row pretty in a white suede fur trimmed vintage jacket with matching hat. McDermott said the frocks remind her of fairies and otherworldly places. Though only in town for a few days, the actress said she enjoys the Fashion Week scene. “There’s less room to be wild and different in Hollywood,” she said. McDermott also said she was nervous about her first-ever runway gig at Elisa Jiminez Thursday night, where she played Aphrodite in a wild and different dance recital.

While McDermott made her catwalk debut, another spunky brunette, Parker Posey, stopped by the Puck Building to support her designer “neighbor and friend” Zaldy at his downtown show. She said the two used to take pottery classes together in Chelsea, but now finds herself solo. “He stopped when he got to the bowl phase. I’m on to lids.” The actress also said she started playing the mandolin for her upcoming role in Christopher Guest’s new movie, due out in May.

USED AND ABUSED: In town to promote her new album, “Fever,” pop sensation Kylie Minogue scheduled an appearance on MTV’s “TRL” and taped a segment for the upcoming VH1 show, “Fresh.” She decided it would be great to go backstage at the Zaldy show to talk with the designer, try on some clothes and mingle with models. But when she and her VH1 crew showed up, they were less than gracious to the designer and his staff, who were busy setting up the show. Apparently afraid that showing Minogue with acquaintance Zaldy — who has dressed Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani and most recently Janet Jackson — would be a conflict of interest because of her D&G contract, they insisted on no photos, refused to tape the designer and disrupted the tech rehearsal. They even used the space to tape a bit for MTV. The incident left Zaldy and staffers feeling a bit used. Did you leave your manners in England, Miss Minogue?

GIULIANI JUBILEE: Londoners just can’t get enough of the new knight from New York. On Wednesday, Virgin chief Richard Branson threw a dinner party for Rudy Giuliani with 130 guests including Sir Paul McCartney, Joan Collins, Sir Bob Geldoff, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, Helen Mirren and her husband, Taylor Hackford, and Richard E. Grant. The party, at Branson’s private club Kensington Roof Gardens, featured a jazz band that played — what else? — “New York, New York,” as fireworks exploded overhead. McCartney, clearly enjoying himself, stood up after dinner and began singing blues-y tunes along with the band. The guest of honor, knighted by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday morning, is relishing his London moment, but isn’t letting it go to his head: “A New Yorker would say ‘What’s all this Sir stuff? What are you, some kind of big shot?”‘

MODEL MOVE: Carolyn Murphy, who’s been looking gorgeous on the runways all week, will forgo Europe to make her move to California. She has been living upstate and in Manhattan for a while now. The move to California, with her baby, is, perhaps, a way to help her revitalize her movie career. Prior to her Estee Lauder contract, she starred in — and got good reviews for — her role in Barry Levinson’s film “Liberty Heights.” She plans to reside in Santa Monica, by the beach, where she’ll find another model family — her new neighbors, Amber Valletta and her athlete husband, Olympic volleyballer Christian McCaw and their child. Amber, who moved there less than a year ago, is also trying to jump-start her acting career.

ABBOUD’S NEXT STEP: Fashion and television are a perfect fit. Just ask Joseph Abboud.

While some designers and editors can’t seem to get enough Judy Licht, Abboud has TV ambitions of his own. He is currently working on an hourlong pilot for PBS with plans to make it a weekly series within the next six months.

“The television show will be about lifestyle issues such as health, exercise, dating,” said Abboud from his cell phone en route home from Boston, where he guest-lectured at UMass. The show will likely include interviews, a round table discussion and fashion segments.

Any ideal guests, Joseph? “Everyone from designers to sports figures. If it’s sports, though, we won’t talk about sport, if it’s a designer, we are not going to talk about collections. It’s going to be about the people. One of my favorite people is Norma Kamali. She may not get too much ink these days,but she is introspective and mystical and has a different view on life.”

And what will the host be wearing? “I don’t want to look too austere, you have to look inviting. So I guess it’s only Joseph Abboud then.”

Meanwhile, the designer is also busy looking for a publisher for his book with the working title of “Threads.” “It’s an honest look at this industry, and some of the real pitfalls designers go through,” he said.

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