Shohreh Aghdashloo

<STRONG>BEYONCE KNOWS:</STRONG> Women have always loved Oscar de la Renta, and these days, his smitten admirers just keep getting younger, hipper and ever so glam. Word has it that the dazzling <STRONG>Beyoncé Knowles</STRONG> will officially...

BEYONCE KNOWS: Women have always loved Oscar de la Renta, and these days, his smitten admirers just keep getting younger, hipper and ever so glam. Word has it that the dazzling Beyoncé Knowles will officially join the Oscar Adoration Club today, when she takes her mega star wattage to the designer’s front row.

IMITATION OF OOPS: Almost 20 minutes after showgoers, including Maya Rudolph and Chloë Sevigny, had cleared out of Imitation of Christ’s show at Lever House, a glass lightbox that was part of a Damien Hirst installation fell to the floor and broke. The lightbox was one of six printed with a colorful assortment of pills for the British artist’s work titled “The Pharmaceutical Windows.” According to a witness who was standing close by, no one knocked over the box. Apparently the structure was wobbly and another lightbox in the installation had already cracked while being shipped from London. Designer Tara Subkoff was busy being interviewed by Jeannie Beker when it happened. “It was kind of scary,” said the show producer Mandie Erickson. “But that’s why you take out a lot of insurance when you have a show.”

MAD FOR MARY-KATE: “Don’t call her Ashley. She’ll get mad,” warned photographers being shooed away from Mary-Kate Olsen at the Imitation of Christ show in the glassed-in lobby of Lever House. Well, no matter— the red-headed half of the Olsen twins wasn’t talking to the press anyway. Although it should be said that Olsen was terribly polite and even apologetic. “I’m sorry. I’m not really answering questions,” she said. Post-show, a rowdy crowd of the aggressive paparazzi surged around Olsen, her friend, and a bodyguard before the trio reached their waiting black SUV and made their getaway.

TALLEY TELLS ALL: It was not a great start to fashion week for Vogue’s André Leon Talley. At Baby Phat on Saturday night, his first show of the season, Talley was refused entry at the door moments before Usher and his entourage had no problem getting in. “It was out of control,” he said at the Tracy Reese show Sunday. “It’s just not about the clothes anymore, it’s all about a party now. I don’t see how they can expect a professional to go all the way downtown on a Saturday night and get treated that way. I will not go [to another Baby Phat show] unless it’s at the tents and it’s at 7 p.m.” After a “brisk bodyguard” told him to wait on line with the other show revelers, Talley left and found refuge at Zac Posen’s showroom, where he saw a preview of the fall collection. “At least I saw fashion, and at least I got in.”

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DEJA VU: Actress Shohreh Aghdashloo of “The House of Sand and Fog” and “24” said the New York shows remind her of the Iranian fashion scene from 30 years ago. “It’s deja vu for me,” observed Aghdashloo from the front row of the Tracy Reese show on Sunday morning. “Iran used to have a great fashion scene.” While she was happy to talk about her favorite designers and said she planned to hit the Diane von Furstenberg show later on Sunday, Aghdashloo’s eyes really lit up when discussing the the book “Reading Lolita in Tehran” by Azar Nafisi which has been on the best-seller list this year. “It’s a beautiful story — she is Iran’s Jane Austen,” gushed Aghdashloo who wore a cream Reese suit with a vintage pearl brooch. Among other celebs packing Reese’s show were Ivana Ma and Maria Boren of last season’s “The Apprentice” as well as Bethany Joy Lenz, the actress and singer who is hitting her first round of shows this season. Lenz revealed she is readying for a 23-city tour with singers Gavin DeGraw and Michelle Branch. “The shows are a little fun before I go,” said Lenz, who sported black leather pants, a Bebe sweater and a Ralph Lauren scarf.

BABY’S SO FINE: Anyone who thought — or hoped — the bling era was over would be sorely disappointed based on what was happening at Baby Phat Saturday night. Backstage, Tommy Hilfiger announced that he’ll be launching fine jewelry under the Karl Lagerfeld brand but didn’t pinpoint when. “We want to strategize and do it right,” he said. Meanwhile, his 15-year-old son Rich and his music group “The Paper Boys” said they want in on the action, too. The three teens, dressed in pink H outfits and flashy Jacob & Co. pendants, plan to tour this summer and then “we want to do a watch line,” said Rich. In the front row, Paula Abdul said she was working with M. Fabrikant & Sons on a new fine jewelry collection to be launched midseason of “American Idol.” (Fabrikant is partners in Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons’ Simmons Jewelry Co.). The reality show star and singer already has a diamond collection, Innergy, with Sam’s Club, but she said the new project “will be more me.” Finally, Kimora Lee took her bow wearing a giant Hello Kitty pendant necklace from her new Hello Kitty Collection by Kimora Lee Simmons, a fine jewelry line featuring the cat and licensed by Sanrio.