LET THE BRANDING BEGIN: Kim Winser, new president and chief executive of Aquascutum, is preparing for an encore. Winser has hired Valerie Wickes, who helped her turn around Pringle of Scotland, as brand consultant. Wickes is the founder and creative director of the London brand consultancy VIEW, which specializes in relaunching luxury fashion and lifestyle labels. The two are already at work developing the brand and a communications strategy, and their first big bang is expected to be with the fall 2006 global ad campaign.

“She has an holistic approach — everything she does for the brand goes right back to the soul,” said Winser. It was Wickes who chose Sophie Dahl to be Pringle’s new “sweater girl,” and to star in its ad campaign. She was also the one who tapped Ewan McGregor to be a public supporter and “friend” of Pringle. Winser took up her position at Aquascutum last month, and plans to double the company’s sales volume — which is about $411 million — by 2009 via new store openings and an updated image. She’s expecting to turn a profit in three years’ time.

This story first appeared in the May 10, 2006 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.