PARIS  — In fashion as in all other matters, Sharon Stone has always marched to the beat of her own drummer. From wearing Gap to the Academy Awards to flashing flesh after 50, the actress has a fearless approach to dressing.

Which is why it might come as a surprise that she considers herself a classical woman at heart. Stone discussed her fashion inspiration and her sons’ burgeoning sense of style backstage after the Dior Homme men’s wear show in Paris.
WWD: You pioneered high-low fashion when you wore a Gap turtleneck to the Oscars. Do you think you played a small part in the way fashion has evolved since then?
Sharon Stone: I don’t think so, because I think people did that a lot in the beatnik era, which was something that I’ve always thought was a beautiful time in fashion. I think that it’s happened many times, cyclically, through fashion and we repeat back to that. You know, people did that in the Twenties. I think it’s something that happens in fashion cycles, and it cycles in different ways and we take from different periods in time. We take classic things and take them with things that are happening currently in culture, but we reinvent them.
WWD: Today, you’re wearing a great example of a masculine-feminine look.
Stone: The shoes are, of course, ladies’ shoes, but this is Dior Homme — the shirt, pants and jacket.
WWD: What’s inspiring you in fashion right now?
Stone: Comfort always inspires me, but I think classicism, again, is really always important to me. I like clean lines.
WWD: I see you brought your son Quinn today. Does he care yet about what he wears?
Stone: They all do. All three of them have their own unique sense of style. They all have their own taste, their own sense of color, their own sense of shape. He likes skinny jeans and sort of a more rock ‘n’ roll look, and my middle son [Laird] is much more preppy, and he likes kind of prep things and loose clothes, and prep kinds of colors. He likes pinks and pastels. My older son [Roan] just really likes uniform-looking things. He likes solid black shirts and solid white shirts. He likes really to wear the same thing over and over, like he wears a uniform look all the time.
WWD: So it’s fair to say their clothes really are a reflection of their personalities.
Stone: They really are, and they each have separate tastes one from another.

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