NEW YORK — Another class at the Fashion Institute of Technology is ready to take on Seventh Avenue.

Friends and family filled FIT’s Katie Murphy Auditorium, as more than 100 students in FIT’s graduating class showed the culmination of their educational experience. The range of creativity ran from Forties-inspired corset dresses to eveningwear inspired by modern art.

The seniors used fabrics in unusual ways. One used paper to create a corset for evening, another used red leather to design an evening gown, while others accented their pieces with feathers, silk flowers, lace and chiffon.

The show, held late last month, featured designs from students in their last semester in the Fashion Design department. Held twice a year, the presentation is broken down into four categories: sportswear, current scene, eveningwear and tailored garments.

Each category was judged by a critic from the fashion industry, and an award went to the outstanding student in each category. Among the critics were Susan Standen, Han Feng, Matthew Schlansky and Pamela Dennis.

Winners of the event were Tamara Davies, for her cotton twill corset and silk chiffon flare skirt in the current scene category; Sibel Alkan, for the red denim jacket matched with a silk print top and skirt for sportswear; Toshiyuki Takei, for the Dior waist jacket with standing collar and dress in the tailored garments category, and Kayne Gillaspie, who won in eveningwear for the red, black and fuchsia strapless, bias chiffon gown.“ALISON>“122701”>“1201”>“2001”>“WOMENS>

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