“I hear they’ve been hissing at me. That’s kind of fun,” Demi Moore said, grinning wickedly before a Los Angeles mob scene screening of her new movie “Disclosure.”

Her legs were buff, her hair was long and full. And her thigh-high, pinstripe Jil Sander business suit was the perfect parody reflection of her role as the corporate boss who sexually harasses Michael Douglas.

It’s the first time Moore has played the villain.

“On-screen,” she clarified, before strolling up the red carpet, followed by Douglas and wife Diandra, director Barry Levinson, producer Michael Crichton, Richard Zanuck, Donald Sutherland, Michael Ovitz, and Annette Bening and Warren Beatty.

Jane Goodall, who appears as Douglas’s requisite saintly wife, showed up on Ben Kingsley’s arm in a rose-colored crushed velvet dress.

“He was Michael Douglas’s body double,” she said to the paparazzi, when they ignored Kingsley.

Goodall had polled the “Disclosure” crew.

“I said, ‘If I sexually harassed you, would any of you sue?’ They all said no.”

“Ow,” yelled Kingsley, leaping in the air. “She just pinched me.”

Characteristically, comedian Ellen DeGeneres took the weighty topic of sexual harassment lightly, confirming that women sometimes do it to men.

“As it should be,” she said. “But if you’re going to harass someone, you should pick someone worth harassing.”


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