A look from Galvan's first resort wear range

LONDON — Galvan is expanding beyond eveningwear.

The London-based label, which built a following around its vision for modern, sleek occasion wear, is now adding resortwear to its repertoire. The idea was to offer customers a chance to wear Galvan beyond formal occasions and the brand’s founders’ own desire to dress up on vacation.

“Especially now with Instagram culture, people want to dress up on holiday and look beautiful and go out for date night with their husbands. But they are not dressing up in the way that they would for a wedding or even in a more urban environment in the winter. That is really where the idea came from and then we developed from there,” said the brand’s chief executive officer Katherine Holmgren, who founded the label alongside Anna-Christin Haas, Sola Harrison and Carolyn Franks. “Every time that we have added an extension or new line, it has felt like something that we personally felt was missing in the market and in our own lives. That was definitely the case with bridal, which we added on when we were getting married and suddenly realized that there weren’t that many options besides wedding dresses.”

The new range, dubbed “Escape,” echoes the brand’s flair for easygoing silhouettes and striking color with slipdresses in deep blues; jumpsuits; loose pinstripe suits and separates, such as puff-sleeve tops and wide-leg pants in bright yellow — the kind of pieces the founders and their glamorous clientele would want to see themselves in when traveling to Capri, the South of France or Mykonos.

Holmgren added that this extension reflects the brand’s ambitions to expand its ready-to-wear collections to cater to all occasions: “As our collections have grown, we added a lot more separates and pieces that can be worn in different contexts. We are definitely developing into a brand that you can wear throughout the year and at all different points in your life. In the future there will be even more day-to-night dressing and clothes that are versatile. That said, our brand celebrates dressing up and I don’t think we will lose that focus. But that could also be dressing up in your everyday life, it doesn’t necessarily mean going to a wedding.”

The line has similar luxury positioning as the label’s evening range, but the price point will be lower overall given that the collection uses more everyday fabrics and fewer embellishments.

Prices range from $495 to $1,095.

Holmgren added that there is particular focus on using natural and sustainable fabrics with this line, such as cotton and linen, and the company plans to invest more into fabric research for future collections.

Also in the works for the year is a store opening in L.A.

“For the last two years, we’ve been going there every couple of months, hosting events and really building our customer base. On the back of that we are very excited about opening a permanent space and also having a central hub for all the celebrity dressing that we do in L.A.,” said Holmgren.

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