Ganni fall 2020

COPENHAGEN — With the turn of the decade, Ganni is looking to set a new tone that’s all about collaboration and strengthening the bonds of the now-famous #GanniGirls community that helped the brand shoot to fame.

The brand’s show, which will take place on Thursday evening in Copenhagen, will set the agenda for the rest of Ganni’s year by debuting a series of collaborations with female creatives handpicked by the label’s creative director Ditte Reffstrup.

The Swedish-born artist Marie Lea Lund has created sculptures that will feature on the catwalk; photographer and designer Ana Kras designed the show set, while Berlin-based DJ Mobilegirl created the show soundtrack.

Beyond the runway, textile designer and artist Anna Clarisse Holck Wahrens was commissioned to design an installation using deadstock denim for the brand’s after party, while a host of other creatives have made T-shirt prints, handmade knits and interiors products that will be sold at the Ganni Kiosk, a pop-up shop opening in Copenhagen to coincide with the runway show.

The kiosk will sell other interiors products such as stools or quilts, created by the brand using upcycled fabrics from previous seasons, and will also be traveling to Nordstrom in New York from Jan. 31 to March 15.

Pieces from the "202020" Ganni Kiosk

Pieces from the “202020” Ganni Kiosk  Courtesy Photo

“A long-term goal is to use our resources as a positive platform to highlight amazing creatives we feel inspired by and connected to. It always takes two — or in our case 20, to tango. Collaborating is so energizing and you come away so inspired, seeing things through new lenses. We need to figure out new ways of being in the business of fashion, together,” said Reffstrup, who was keen to have an all-female collective to communicate another key value for Ganni: gender equality.

“We are a brand for women by women. Since the very beginning, we’ve put gender equality as a focus area. We still have so much work to do in society as a whole on gender equality and feminism, so I wanted to get together with talented friends from near and far,  looking for people to bring fresh perspectives, high energy and new voices to the table,” the designer added.

The new collaborative concept, dubbed “Ganni 202020,” will stretch out throughout the year.

Pieces from the "202020" Ganni Kiosk

Pieces from the “202020” Ganni Kiosk  Courtesy Photo

Reffstrup is tapping these young creatives to further the brand’s sustainability commitments, bringing in their ideas of how to make the collection more responsible and challenging them to use recycled materials for the products they designed as part of the collaboration.

“We don’t identify as a sustainable brand. We are a fashion brand, and acknowledge what it means being driven by an industry that thrives off newness. But right now our main focus is designing toward more responsible materials and we’re expanding our rental platform, Ganni Repeat, to launch globally later this year,” Reffstrup said.

The brand will be working to create more physical experiences. Having expanded its retail footprint with new stores in London, New York and Los Angeles last year, there’s a bigger opportunity to move beyond Instagram, where the #GanniGirls first got together and bonded over their love of loose, printed dress and cowboy boots.

“We want to bring everyone together in real life as well as online. We see our stores as a place for #GanniGirls to hangout and get to know us,” said Reffstrup, pointing to plans to open new spaces “in key creative cities” like Berlin and Paris.

Pieces from the "202020" Ganni Kiosk

Pieces from the “202020” Ganni Kiosk  Courtesy Photo

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