Get to Know: Ryan Knew
Get to Know: Ryan Knew

Designer Ryan Taylor at his studio.  Courtesy Photo

Houston creative Ryan Taylor of Ryan Knew expresses his 2020 quarantine experience as a moment of clarity and motivation. There’s a mystery behind Taylor’s brand that creates a link between his audience and the designs he uses. Moving forward, he’ll have a DIY-approach with design, focusing on translating his creations to be more realistic and emotional. Unlike other brands that have stuck to a traditional retail model, Taylor has opted for his own scheduling and unique approach that has been successful in attracting a loyal following. Read more below on Taylor’s thoughts. 

Get to Know: Ryan Knew

A look from Ryan Knew’s latest collection.  Courtesy Photo

WWD: Please introduce yourself. Where are you quarantined right now? How are you feeling?

Ryan Taylor: I am Ryan Taylor, design director for Ryan Knew. I’m home in Houston, Tex., continuing production and keeping schedules rolling as factories close down so it’s been a rough quarantine but one that has given clarity on a lot of things the brand needed. 

WWD: Given the circumstances, how have you found inspirations these days? 

R.T.: Inspiration has actually not been that difficult with everything at a quieter pace. It’s a lot easier to read the signs of the times and culture and pick small pieces out that continue to develop the story of Ryan Knew.

WWD: Right now, are there any special mementos you stand by? What would you advise your future self and brand to be?

R.T.: This quarantine has shifted the focus of manufacturing to a lot more DIY, in-house work from labeling to pattern work. A lot of the focus has shifted back home, at this turning point had I given myself this same platform of thinking this quarantine truly wouldn’t have slowed anything down. So a lesson from this is to be more hands on in-house. It gives you a lot more control when unforeseen circumstances come.

WWD: Moving forward, what are your plans for the future?

R.T.: The fashion landscape as well as culture landscape has changed. You have houses pulling out of traditional showing and releases and opting for more online and social media viability. I think that’s also what’s next for Ryan Knew: a focus on doing it our way, still keeping an eye on schedules but more so creating our own schedule and continuing building a cult following.

Get to Know: Ryan Knew

Ryan Taylor  Courtesy Photo

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