Giorgio Armani has signed an agreement with the Milan municipality for the creation of a new exhibition center located in front of the fashion company’s headquarters on Milan’s Via Bergognone.

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As reported, the designer first talked about this project after his Emporio show at the end of June, saying it was meant to coincide with the Universal Exposition in Milan next year, and that he saw it as a museum-archive to be called Armani Silos.

The Italian designer and entrepreneur will finance the works for the requalification of a former Nestlé factory that will host a permanent exhibition of Armani’s creations and drawings. In addition, the center, which will be included in Milan’s museum network, will house a series of initiatives linked with fashion and design with a focus on the promotion of works by new designers, and will offer learning spaces, including classes and a library.

“Milan is the city where I decided to live and work, and which has been a tough, loyal teacher to me. It taught me that you don’t obtain anything by chance, but that you reach the most difficult goals with daily involvement, that discretion is a virtue, which doesn’t exclude warmth and a sense of welcome, that what we think here [in Milan] today, tomorrow will be in the mind of the entire nation,” said Armani. “That’s why I’ve decided to put the fruits of my work, which doesn’t include only clothes, but also textile explorations and experience, at the disposal of my city. I thought it could be interesting for everybody. In particular, for the young generations approaching the fashion and design worlds. They will be able to find inspirations to mature new ideas and create the companies of the future. That future which we have to learn to build day by day.”

Armani also praised the involvement of the city’s municipality and institutions, “which demonstrated sensibility and attention toward a sector that is so important for the city’s economy, today and tomorrow,” he said.