NEW YORK — For the last few months, Harper’s Bazaar has been teasing the public with its gradualist approach to unveiling the creative fruit of the new Bailey-Gan collaboration. The last few issues were coyly downplayed as ‘not fully Glenda’, then ‘nearly Glenda’, and ‘practically Glenda’. Finally, this Monday, Bazaar rolled out its 100 percent Glenda February issue with a double-blast of Gisele on both the front and back covers, and celebrated the official dawn of a new era with a lavish shindig at Eyebeam Atelier on West 21st Street here.

The crowd was giddy and glam, as glitterati mingled with fashionistas, celebutantes and sundry named guests included Michael Kors, Kim Cattrall, Aerin Lauder, Carolyn Murphy, Moby, Debbie Harry, Alan Cumming, James King, Candace Bushnell, Karen Elson, Heidi Klum, Frederic Fekkai, Donna Karan, Todd Oldham, Cynthia Rowley, Iman, Nicole Miller, Diane Von Furstenberg and Mark Badgley and James Mishka. Because few of the guests had actually taken a look at the inaugural issue, their reactions to the new Bazaar tended to be unusually sincere — even though they were based on no hard evidence whatsoever.

Hearst president Cathie Black was the room’s center of gravity, owing in no small part to her lavish Adrienne Landau coat. Shooing away comparisons to other magazines, Black characterized the new Bazaar as “the original thing.” When asked how it felt to have each new issue micro-scrutinized by the New York media community, Black responded: “You mean all 10 of us?” Stylist Frederic Fekkai emitted a largely subconscious reaction to the new issue. “It’s not just Glenda’s fault, it’s the economy,” he said, then thoughtfully added, “But, really, you can feel Glenda’s energy in it.”

Von Furstenberg, meanwhile, almost read the issue. “I love the cover so much, and I’m so glad they brought back the old logo,” she told WWD. “I thought I should take a look at it before the party, but someone stole it — which I took as a very good sign.”

Badgley of Badgley Mishka hadn’t read it yet, neither had Nicole Miller or Debbie Harry. The dressed-down but ever-radiant Christy Turlington hadn’t seen the inside of it, but weighed in on the cover. “The front-and-back Gisele is a brilliant idea,” she said. “In fact, I wanted to use the same concept for a project I’m working on, but now everyone would know where I took it from. I mean, this is the fashion industry.” Improbably, the vivacious model Heidi Klum had read the new Bazaar from front to back. “Both the inside and the outside look incredible,” she raved. “But why wasn’t it me on the cover?”