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NEW YORK — Bohos everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief. If the forecast at this season’s print shows is any indication, global looks will be stronger than ever come next spring. Exhibitors at the two shows — Directions and Printsource, both held at the Hotel Pennsylvania — showed looks from all over the map. The most important influences? Africa and India.

At Directions, for example, Mosaique featured a group of densely embroidered pieces that were straight out of Africa, while Brewster layered their looks in a contemporary way with African florals and Moroccan motifs. The vibe was also mixed up at Printsource, where The Works used vegetable tones on a variety of tribal looks; most notable were the ones that featured mirrors and embroidery. The Style Council showed a group of florals made up of a mixture of African-inspired prints on a neutral ground.

Other strong examples included re-colored African florals at Directions’ Vrendenburgh Fuller; crafty floral appliqués layered on top of contemporary African-style prints at Design Union,  also at Directions, and ombréd and neutrally colored prints that looked like aged African cloth at Printsource’s Spoogi.

Ikats were also key. Marilyn Kern of Directions showed them in both traditional and updated color palettes, while Studio Piu at Esti embroidered the look with sequins. Colorfield, also at Directions, recolored some of their ikats, one of the best in dusty green and pink.

And leave it up to Tom Cody, which exhibited at both shows, to add some whimsy to the global trend. As part of its carnival-inspired group, the studio created a paisley design drawn using ice-cream cones. — Daniela Gilbert

Photos by Talaya Centeno