It wasn’t The Big One, but it was Pretty Big.

This weekend’s Golden Globe Awards proved the best turnout ever for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, both in terms of stars and the way designers dressed them.

It looks like the Globes are becoming almost as important as the Oscars not only for entertainers, but for Valentino, Armani, Richard Tyler and Calvin Klein — clearly the front runners for the Oscar race — and Jil Sander, a brash new dark horse nominee.

Tyler the Tailor put his ladies in pants, with Meg Ryan and Janet Jackson in supercut black suits and Anjelica Huston sporting fresh white with a mandarin collar.

Michelle Pfeiffer opted for a snow white Armani pantsuit with naval cleavage, and Emma Thompson also went with the whiteout in silk Valentino wide pants and loose jacket. Laura Dern ordered Chinese from Pamela Barish in a sleek velvet mandarin number. Angela Bassett and Rita Hanks did the all-out enchanted evening in form-fitting, long, glamorous, black Valentinos of velvet and chiffon.

Then there was the Understated Thing. Holly Hunter was so low-key in her black Jil Sander floor-length slip with a light brown jacket that the paparazzi didn’t recognize her. Winona Ryder donned only a little string of pearls with her sober Sander sheath.

“I really wanted to wear jeans after all the corset movies I’ve done,” Ryder sighed. “So I didn’t get anything, and then I started to worry. This dress just showed up yesterday — it was pretty tense.” She loosened up a little when U2’s Bono showed up and draped himself on her like a wrap.

Natasha Richardson wasn’t nominated, but she was Best Dressed in a black jersey Armani. Boyfriend Liam Neeson felt left out. “Don’t you want to know what I’m wearing?” he asked reporters.They didn’t.

In this crowd, it was hard to find the faux pas. So what if Rosie Perez didn’t know how to pronounce the name of her simple pants ensemble’s designer? Her publicist reminded her it was “Armani.” Juliette Lewis did the sequel to her Children of the Corn look at the Oscars a few years back with a Cleopatra-style headdress.

“It saves you a lot of time on your hair,” she explained.

And how could you criticize Roseanne Arnold’s wild white frills when she wore the newest designer of the night: “ME!”