CHICAGO — As Susan Glick, fashion director at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, highlighted key fall trends to Midwest retailers, one trend in particular — high-waist pants — elicited cheers from the audience.

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“Even though Britney Spears is still wearing low-rise pants,” Glick said, “you’ll notice higher waistlines this fall.”

“Hurray!” one retailer erupted.

Another specialty store owner, Rosemary Doherty of Savvy Spirit and Savvy Casual in Barrington, Ill., said she also is looking forward to the rising waistline, adding that the low-waisted styles sold poorly and flattered few figures.

Doherty also responded well to other fall trends such as fur vests, multicultural influences and ribbon detailing targeted by Glick during her fall-holiday trend watch. Glick’s presentation was the keynote event of the women’s and children’s fall II show running from May 31 to June 4 at Chicago’s Apparel Center and Merchandise Mart.

Glick noted fall selections from Gucci, Christian Dior, Chanel and other top design houses using slides from the Fashion Group International and then translated those looks into a fashion show with models donning items available at market showrooms.

After Sept. 11, some designers are promoting a cocooning look with heavy, chunky sweaters, quilted jackets and distressed shearling overcoats, Glick said.

“The fur vest is the investment of the season,” she proclaimed as she advanced through slides of fur vests from the likes of Prada, Michael Kors and Donna Karan.

Claiming brown is the new black, Glick introduced models wearing camel, caramel and chocolate pants and vests, some of which were fake fur.

“I’ve never seen faux fur look so great,” she said, pointing to a fake fur vest and boa by Pleasant Pheasant.

Glick named the fedora, especially ones with wider brims, “the hat of the season,” and claimed that chunky sweaters with long knit scarves may replace jackets.

Glick also noted ribbon-and-bow detailing and closures on a green velvet ribbon-tied jacket from Neesh, the patchwork trend in a tapestry patchwork coat by Wraps by Canvasbacks, military influences in a charcoal double-breasted pantsuit by Louben and a fake shearling bomber jacket by Pleasant Pheasant.

Regarding accessories, Glick touted an M Gems clever caramel fringe jean bag, which has the front pocket styling of classic jeans on one side and jean back pockets on the other and a large embellished belt and bag by Streets Ahead.”

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