“I have had more happiness than unhappiness in my life.”

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So said Judy Garland at a press conference after signing on to play Helen Lawson in “Valley of the Dolls.” Days later, Garland sat down with WWD reporter Carol Bjorkman in the actress’ New York City hotel suite, where, on one table sat “The Common Book of Prayer”; on another, two bottles of vodka and some tonic water. Garland, 45, wore a black sheath dress, pearl earrings and necklace and black suede pumps. Here, excerpts from the WWD March 13, 1967 piece, paired with dialogue from Bennett, playing Garland, in “End of the Rainbow,” written by Peter Quilter. For the full 1967 article, click here.

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Garland to WWD: “I don’t think I’ve ever made a comeback. I’ve always been working. I wonder if they know there are other things about my life. I’ve won a golf tournament. I can cook. I have some nice children.”

Bennett as Garland: “I have a night off!? Jesus — surely that’s some kind of mistake?”


Garland to WWD: “It never came out that I was tired. I was doing three pictures at once. I was so scared of not pleasing everybody.”

Bennett as Garland: “I liked school, but I never learned anything. I was too tired. You should learn things. I lost so much time in Vaudeville.”


Garland to WWD: “You have to be very demanding to stay sane and keep a very wicked sense of humor about yourself.”

Bennett as Garland: “I don’t want to argue all the time, I just want a bit of peace and understanding. But I never got it, and I’ve had it, you hear?”


Garland to WWD: “I was paying a p.r. man, a lawyer, a business manager. I was paying them a salary of 115 percent of what I wasn’t making.…Then, the government stepped in and said, ‘We’re taking your house away in two days.’ So I just dismissed everybody.…I know I made millions for other people. I think a lot of people around me have been extremely careless with my money.”

Bennett as Garland: “Mickey — Angel — this is the kind of thing you have to leave to me. We’ll pay them when it’s convenient for us. Now what’s the manager’s name?”


Garland to WWD: “I heard from a friend: ‘Have you read that book about you taking drugs?’ So I went out and bought ‘Valley [of the Dolls].’”

Bennett as Garland: “What I’m taking now is nothing — nothing to what I was taking at home.…And where am I at the end of it all? Still standing.”


Garland to WWD: “I didn’t want to be married [to fourth husband, Mark Herron]. He appeared at my house with a lot of people, then I went to Honolulu and he appeared and then to Australia and he was there. Then I had to appear in Las Vegas at the Sahara…and before I knew it I was whisked to a wedding which had been set up in the chapel by my press agent’s wife’s father. I don’t think you know what it is to be alone. There wasn’t anyone. So there I was. Now, I have to go back and divorce him.”

Bennett as Garland: “I just need you to know that because — they tend not to stay around. The men I love. They go while I’m not even looking. I don’t mean it to happen. I won’t lose you, will I, Mickey?”

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