Population: 6.9 million

Unemployment rate: 3.3 percent

Median household income: 186,000 Hong Kong dollars, or $23,826 at current exchange.

Number of millionaires (measured by U.S. dollars, 2006): 51,000

Number of billionaires (2006): 40-plus

Number of 2008 Olympic events to be held in Hong Kong: Six (all equestrian)

Distance between Hong Kong and Beijing: 1,250 miles

Labor force: 3.65 million (2007 estimate)

Major industries: Textiles, clothing, tourism, banking, shipping, electronics, plastics, toys, watches and clocks.

Exports: $353.3 billion (2007 estimate)

Export partners: China, 47 percent; U.S., 5.1 percent; Japan, 4.9 percent (2006).

Imports: $371.3 billion (2007 estimate)

Import partners: China, 45.9 percent; Japan, 10.3 percent; Taiwan, 7.5 percent; Singapore, 6.3 percent; U.S., 4.8 percent; South Korea, 4.6 percent (2006).

Current exchange rate, Hong Kong dollars per U.S. dollar: 7.8

Mainland tourists to Hong Kong: 13.6 million in 2006, when they outnumbered visitors from all other countries combined. This is up from 4.5 million in 2001.

Number of Mainland Chinese visitors to Hong Kong in January 2008: 1.4 million.

Sources: Hong Kong Census & Statistics Department, Forbes, HK Tourism Board, Beijing 2008.cn, CIA World Fact Book 2008

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