NEW YORK — There’s a new child in the junior market — and she’s hot.

The new Los Angeles-based junior sportswear line Hot Child is entering the scene for spring to address the current teen desire for “sexy, but comfortable,” styles, according to Lloyd Parks, president.

Parks said color stretch denim items with foil treatments are strong bookers, as well as tops and bottoms made of French terry cloth. In addition, the first collection for spring and summer retailing offers logo knit tops and lace novelty pieces.

“From my experience in the industry, I think now was the right time for a new line,” said Parks, who had an 11-year stint at Z. Cavaricci, where he was vice president of production.

For his first year, Parks said he expects to see $5 million in sales and then become “much more aggressive next year.” Parks and his partner, Jess Kim, are now in talks for a licensed junior lingerie line they hope to launch within the year. The company will manufacture hats and handbags that work with the clothing collection, all to be produced in house.

They are also collaborating with a “major Internet company” to eventually launch a venture that will “bring the world of fashion, music and entertainment together,” but Parks would not discuss specific details. Wholesale prices range from $7.50 to $25, which Parks said puts the company in the “better junior category.”