The crowd might be thinking about fall fashion in New York but spring sprang on Wednesday in Los Angeles at the Bel-Air home of Tara Lynda Guber, who hosted a luncheon and Chanel spring runway show in her tented backyard to benefit the Accelerated School. In town for Sheryl Crow’s 40th birthday party at the El Rey Theater, Gwyneth Paltrow — who even performed a few songs at Crow’s bash — was awarded the seat of honor next to Chanel president and ceo Ari Kopelman.

“I liked a lot of those little surfer-girl bathing suits and I loved the white dress with the see-through middle,” she raved. Paltrow managed to put her own stamp on her classic tweed suit — by pairing it with a T-shirt and Birkenstock sandals.

“They’re just comfortable, you know?” she said. The junior set steered away from tweed suits in favor of funkier pieces. Azura Skye stood out in a pink ruffled party dress. “They’ve been doing a lot of cool stuff that you can wear without feeling like your mother,” the 20-year-old actress said.

Rashida Jones, accompanied by her Chanel-clad mother, Peggy Lipton, topped off her frock with a vintage jeans jacket.

“I spend so much money at Chanel that they should have backed the truck up to my house,” said Heather Paige Kent. “I heard the more clothes you buy the more they give you free,” she whispered.

“My tie is for sale, but if you buy it, you get me with it,” joked Kopelman.

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