NEW YORK — When it came time to create a print campaign for Catalyst for Men, Halston Borghese decided a little good humor could go further than a lot of sex.

The advertising for the men’s fragrance, which will break in October magazines, consists of two single pages. The first pictures a boy in rumpled suit and tie standing with an old-fashioned chemistry set. The second shows model Christian Martin, in a suit and wide-open shirt, standing behind the Catalyst for Men bottles, which look like test tubes and beakers.

The headline on each page reads, “Boys like to experiment.”

“Men get it instantly,” said Sherry Baker, president of Halston Borghese North America. “It’s fun. It puts a smile on your face.”

Halston Borghese plans to spend $10 million the first year on Catalyst for Men’s advertising and promotion, Baker said.

In designing the campaign, the company intentionally left a woman out of the print ad. Baker said she wanted the ads to speak directly to men, who are increasingly buying their own fragrances.

The TV commercial, however, is targeted at women. It features a woman’s voice saying, “From the day they’re born, they’re trouble.”

The visual is a man jumping and flipping, as if on a trampoline, while objects such as billiard balls and mathematical equations float over him.

The TV campaign, created by Lowe & Partners/SMS, will break as Catalyst for Men completes its rollout from Saks Fifth Avenue, where it was launched exclusively in May, to about 700 doors nationwide. It will air in spot markets as well as nationally on the cable network E! Entertainment Television.

The print ad, which will include 30 million scented strips, will run in Esquire, GQ, Details, Men’s Journal, Playboy, Rolling Stone, New York magazine and Southern Living. During the holiday season, it also will run in women’s magazines.