Black is not back — at least if the pop princesses at Wednesday night’s 44th annual Grammy Awards have anything to say about it. Those (mostly tastefully) over-the-top ladies donned Versaces and Diors while honing in on all the pop touchstones: a little skin, a little sparkle and color, color, color.

“It’s the Grammys! You have to do it up, for God’s sake!” said Blu Cantrell, twirling around in a printed chiffon Diane Von Furstenberg shift. Like Destiny’s Child, Mya snagged her Versace right off the runway.

“I never wear things other people have,” she explained with a sly wink. “But they assured me that I’d be the very first one to have the dress.”

Knowing how to toe the line between flash and trash, Mary J. Blige settled on a pinstriped denim Dolce & Gabbana suit, which she paired with a colorful bustier.

“I’m tired of sitting down and having my thong hanging out,” said Blige. “Tonight, I feel like a grown-up.”

Even Celine Dion, who has known her share of fashion disasters, passed for chic in her Christian Dior.

“Of course, the Manolos make me feel like a pop star,” she said.

But being a true pop star means acting the part, so it was only natural that Lil’ Kim — master of the grand entrance — roared up to the red carpet on her Vespa, decked in a red leather Chanel motorcycle suit and helmet. “It’s the fastest way to get where you’re going,” she declared. “Plus, I’m a girl who likes to ride.”

For some, one gown was not enough. Alicia Keys changed from a transparent Dior burka into a flamenco-inspired Alexander McQueen, Nelly Furtado switched from Armani into a vintage sheath and Destiny’s Child traded in their red carpet Versaces for Latin-inspired ones during their performance.

But the night wouldn’t have been complete without a few fashion faux pas: Erykah Badu’s space-age boots were way off-key, as was Sheryl Crow’s minuscule crochet romper, which Henry Duarte designed to match her vintage boots.

“I figured I just turned 40, so why not?” Crow said. The reasons were obvious.

Only the voluptuous Missy Elliott had to forsake designer duds for a custom-made lilac leather suit. “Those designer clothes are like little baby clothes. I can’t fit in those things!”

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