NEW YORK — Jennifer Lopez has a glow that just won’t quit.

Love at First Glow by JLo, the third fragrance in Lopez’s Glow by JLo series, will make its debut in mid-January. It is the second flanker to be introduced in the Glow franchise, which was launched in 2002.

Lopez launched Miami Glow, the Glow brand’s first flanker, in February and now is launching Live Jennifer Lopez, a new scent brand. Still Jennifer Lopez was launched in 2003. When this newest Glow fragrance is launched, Lopez’s stable of scents will total five.

And, presumably, the franchise will glow on and on.

“I think Glow by JLo and this idea of ‘getting the glow’ is definitely a very appealing concept to any woman,” Lopez noted. “After the success of Glow by JLo, we wanted to explore a different kind of glow, and we came up with Miami Glow by JLo, which was something also so true to me. I think young people just enjoyed that spirit of Miami encapsulated in a bottle. It has been a very successful launch and that’s why I think we will continue to develop the glow concept and keep it a ‘master piece’ of the beauty house so that people can always fall in love with the original fragrance. Each year, our fans can discover a new ‘glowing’ experience with the limited editions.”

While 18- to 25-year-olds are the key age target for the original Glow by JLo scent, the Glow flankers skew younger, in the 12- to 18-year-old age group, said Catherine Walsh, senior vice president of cosmetics and American licenses for Lancaster Group Worldwide. “The consumer who is buying celebrity fragrances wants constant newness, and we’re giving it to her,” said Walsh. “Miami Glow was always intended to be a one-shot, as is Love at First Glow; each has brought added sales to the original Glow by JLo, too.”

Added Lopez: “After the Miami mood, we were wondering what moment in life makes women glow. I remembered that moment in life when you’re a teenager, developing feelings for a boy for the first time and making you blush and your heart beats so hard. You never forget your first love, you know — that privileged moment when nothing else matters. That’s what I wanted to capture in this new fragrance.”

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The Love at First Glow juice, developed by Lopez and Steve deMercado of Fragrance Resources, has top notes of Italian bergamot, neroli de Provence and Georgia peach; a heart of radiant pink jasmine, wild rose, osmanthus and freesia, and a drydown of sheer musk, blond woods and vanilla absolute. Glow by JLo’s signature bottle, colored a pale rose for the new scent, includes the added bling Lopez’s fans have come to expect from her scents: a mobile phone charm. Past Lopez fragrances have included bracelets and rings.

Eaux de toilette in two sizes, 1.7 oz. for $42 and 3.4 oz. for $56, will be sold, as will a 6.7-oz. shower gel, $22.50, and a 6.7-oz. body lotion, $27.50. Pricing is on a par with other scents in the Glow franchise.

In the U.S., Love at First Glow will be available in 1,800 U.S. department stores. It also will make its debut in January globally, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Italy and Asia, and in travel retail doors.

While neither Lopez nor Walsh would comment on projected sales, industry sources estimated that Love at First Glow would do about $28 million at retail globally, and that about $10 million would be spent on advertising and promotional support worldwide.

Print advertising, shot by Pamela Hansen and cast and styled by Lopez, breaks in February fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines. No TV is planned for Love at First Glow, although Walsh is considering TV ads promoting the Glow masterbrand. The fragrance also will be promoted via More than 20 million scented impressions — including 500,000 vials on card, as well as blow-ins — are planned at launch.

While Lopez is widely credited with kicking off the current craze for celebrity fragrances, she said creating such a category wasn’t her primary aim. “You know, I didn’t want to ‘create’ a celebrity fragrance category,” she said. “It is just that it was a dream for me to have my own fragrance and that everybody around just encouraged me to do so. I think that we are successful because I really put all my heart and dedication behind each of the fragrances I develop. This is not an endorsement — it is something true to me, and thought out to please any girl. I think the consumer feels that and the sincerity of each project probably made the difference.”

In fact, Lopez said, it was a happy shock to see the franchise bloom. “It was really a great surprise to see how far it went,” she said. “I am so happy to see that girls all over just enjoy the same things that I do. We have lots of projects, and the next one to come is Love at First Glow by JLo. Then, we’ll see what’s exciting. For the moment, we want to concentrate on fragrances and be strong enough before we move into other big categories.”

Lopez isn’t ruling out a return to the runway, either. “The first show was a tremendous amount of work,” she said. “I just loved it, and I was delighted to see how it turned into a unique fashion event. It was really great to cross-promote the show and Miami Glow by JLo. We don’t have any immediate plans for [another] show, but we are continuing to develop the Sweetface and JLo brands, and if another opportunity to cross-promote shows up, then, why not?”

Lopez’s film career continues to bloom, as well. “I just finished filming ‘Bordertown’ with Antonio Banderas. It was a really a strong experience dealing with the immigration problems,” she said. “I have a few new exciting projects on the horizon, but nothing that I can share on just yet! Anyway, lots of new things to come.”

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