NEW YORK — Jerri Sherman, a bridge silk blouse and separates manufacturer known for its intricate prints, has dropped the wholesale price of its basic long-sleeved blouses from $89 to $74, effective with fall deliveries.

Jerri Sherman, who co-owns the company with her husband, Larry Hessol, said they decided to drop prices because they were told by retailers that to do big volume in bridge blouses, $150 is the magic retail price point. The blouses, which have as many as 13 color screens in a print, are sold in department stores and specialty stores, including Jacobson’s, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and Dillard’s.

“We all know there’s resistance at every price point now,” said Sherman. “But we’re down to prices that are even lower than they were five years ago.”

Sherman and Hessol said they were able to lower prices while using the same silk fabrics and production standards by placing bigger orders with their factories up front, placing the orders earlier, and reducing their own markup.

“Committing a good month earlier can be a crap shoot because the stores are still committing so late, but we’ve been in business for 12 years and we’re betting on our experience with how the merchandise sells,” said Sherman. She added that many of the firm’s major accounts were in last week and say they support the price changes. Sherman also pointed out that prices have not dropped across the board at the firm — some silk blouses still go as high as $99 wholesale.

“We can’t go out on a limb with everything, but we think that eventually the increase in orders that will result from the price change will justify the chance we’re taking now,” Sherman said.