JOAN’S GEMS: During her many years on the red carpet, there wasn’t a single star who was safe from the late Joan Rivers’ withering fashion commentary. Here, a few of her memorable put-downs.
• “Nicole! Come tell me why you wore such an ugly color!”
— about Nicole Kidman’s famous chartreuse gown at the 1997 Academy Awards

• “He was up for Best Director in Stupid Clothes.”
— on Gus Van Sant at the 1998 Academy Awards

• “Under his tuxedo, he’s wearing her bra.”
— on Sharon Stone wearing then-husband Phil Bronstein’s dress shirt to the 1998 Academy Awards 

• “Valentino was drunk.”
— about Jenna Elfman’s gown at the 1998 Golden Globes

• “You look like a swashbuckler with money.”
— to Will Smith at the 2001 Academy Awards

• “Donatella’s dress for Trick or Treat. What in God’s name was that all about?”
— on Angelina Jolie’s Goth look at the 2000 Academy Awards

• “One day I would like to have my body as slim as Nicole Kidman’s, but I would never want to be as tall. Walking down the carpet at the Oscars in that red dress, she truly looked like a bottle of ketchup.”
— at the 2007 Academy Awards

• “Oy. Madonna, stop it already. You’re 108. Madonna as a cheerleader? What school did she go to, Our Lady of Osteoporosis? She looks like she flunked 10th grade 48 times.”
— on Fashion Police, 2012

• “I was wondering, is that really George Clooney? I thought for a second it was the guy from the Dos Equis commercial.”
— on Fashion Police, 2013

• “Lady Gaga’s fashion is more all over the place than Larry King at a urinal.”
— on Fashion Police, 2014

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