NEW YORK — Gary Farn Ltd. will launch the Spazio Krizia men’s scent at Bloomingdale’s on Saturday with the intention of scoring a big hit within a tiny distribution.

The new item, Krizia’s third men’s fragrance and sixth overall, will be sold exclusively in the 15 doors of Bloomingdale’s for the first six months.

“We’re going to keep it limited so we can concentrate our efforts,” said Alison Farn, Gary Farn’s vice president of sales. “We decided to spend our money [at Bloomingdale’s] and try to aim for the top five.

“We’re aiming to do $500,000 at retail in six months in just those 15 doors,” she added, noting that the figure would put the scent on course to become the top Krizia men’s fragrance. The others are Krizia Uomo and Moods Uomo. To promote the new product, customers who make a Spazio Krizia purchase before Sept. 17 will be given a 22-week subscription to Sports Illustrated, along with a copy of the magazine’s football almanac.

“We think this creates more of an event, rather than just another gift-with-purchase,” Farn said.

In addition, remittance envelopes with scented strips will be mailed to Bloomingdale’s customers and samples will be handed out in the stores.

Next March, Spazio Krizia will be rolled out to Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. Distribution will continue to expand later in the year.

“By the end of 1995, we’re aiming to be in around 400 doors,” Farn commented.

Farn’s firm, based in Milford, Conn., is the U.S. distributor of the Krizia brands, which, along with the men’s fragrances, include K de Krizia, Moods and Krazy Krizia. All six are manufactured by Florbath of Parma, Italy.

The Krizia scents fall into what Alison Farn called a “three-tier distribution”: Krazy Krizia is in upscale specialty stores, Krizia Uomo and K are in finer department stores, and the Moods scents are sold in moderate chains like J.C. Penney Co.

Spazio Krizia, which was originally launched last fall in Italy and then rolled out to selected European countries this spring, will be placed “right in the middle,” Farn said. “It’s priced basically the same as Krizia Uomo.”

The new scent will be launched with eight stockkeeping units, with fragrance prices ranging from $33.50 for a 1.7-oz. eau de toilette to $47.50 for a 3.3-oz. version.

Also in the line will be an aftershave, aftershave balm, deodorant spray and hair and body shampoo.

The fragrance itself is spicy and woodsy, with a fresh top note of grapefruit, ginger and juniper berry.

“We think its unique in the men’s market because it’s a little of everything,” Farn said. “It starts out light, but then it dries down to something very different.”

Spazio Krizia is named after a palace in Milan owned by Krizia designer Mariuccia Mandelli where many Krizia fashion shows have taken place.

Also, Farn noted, “Spazio means ‘space,’ which goes along with the futuristic-looking packaging.”

If the new fragrance achieves its goal and cracks the Bloomingdale’s top five, it will be in lofty company, Farn noted.

“We would be right up with the Calvins and the Ralphs,” she said. “We think we might be able to nudge our way in there.”