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ROCK THE HOUSE: The fifth course widened everyone’s eyes. Toward the end of a lavish dinner Karl Lagerfeld hosted Wednesday night to launch his new masstige line, waiters placed a large tray before each guest and lifted the dome to reveal an iPad on a white plate. At the press of button, each tablet broadcast a high-energy film clip devoted to the Karl range, in which models whirled and Lagerfeld played DJ.

And then the evening, held in a tent next to Lagerfeld’s new Left Bank headquarters, kicked up another notch. “I’m here! Hi, Mr. Lagerfeld,” shouted out pint-size rapper Azealia Banks, letting rip her debut single, “212,” with its toe-curling barrage of obscenities. The designer rushed to the stage to offer a fatherly hug.

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During a cocktail gathering earlier, models, retailers and editors roamed the 19th-century town house, eyeing a new luxury range for fall, Karl Lagerfeld Paris, and the rock-influenced Karl togs.

On cue, “Pirates of the Caribbean” actress Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, dressed in a biker jacket, said she would soon start filming “Fièvre,” (“Fever” in English) the next project for experimental director Philippe Grandrieux. “I play a punk-rock singer,” she said. Her other upcoming movie project, by Audrey Dana, features a gaggle of “rock ’n’ roll children,” with Bergès-Frisbey as the eldest. The unusual title, “Des Betteraves à Noël,” translates roughly to “Beets for Christmas.” “I think people will laugh,” she said.

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