PARIS — Now it’s Karl Lagerfeld who’s after the scalp of Jacques Mouclier.

Lagerfeld called Thursday for the resignation of the embattled Chambre Syndicale president, whose deal with Event Media to telecast the upcoming Paris couture collections live via satellite to the U.S. collapsed this week.

Lagerfeld also hinted that Chanel may quit the Chambre.

“This stupid TV idea is a scandal, and it was Mr. Mouclier who made the deal,” he said. “However, that’s not why I’m against Mr. Mouclier. My problem with him is his blatant manipulation of dates. For that he should go.”

The clash with Mouclier began last spring, when Lagerfeld balked at a Chambre plan to advance the Paris ready-to-wear season ahead of Milan. That plan fell apart after Lagerfeld announced he would show Chanel, Chloe and his own signature collection after Milan no matter what the Chambre did.

As reported, Yves Saint Laurent Couture president Pierre Berge threatened Wednesday to pull YSL out of the Chambre if Mouclier wasn’t dismissed. “Frankly, I don’t care about the Chambre Syndicale,” Lagerfeld said. “Maybe the right thing is for Chanel to pull out. That’s what I agreed with Mr. [Alain] Wertheimer the other day.”

Neither Wertheimer, Chanel owner and president, nor any other senior Chanel manager could be reached for comment.

Informed of Lagerfeld’s remarks, Mouclier said, “Oh! Him, too. Well it’s a free country, and if Chanel wants to leave, it obviously can. What more can I tell you?”